Sixers Draft Pick Tracker – End of Season Edition

Updated: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 11:54 PM


PickCurrentlyProtectionChance to get
Lakers4thTop 517.2% chance the Sixers get it.
Heat10thTop 109.1% chance the Sixers get it
Thunder14thTop 18Pick will not convey

Results that impacted the Sixers picks:

  • Sixers lost to Miami (good)
  • Brooklyn beat Orlando (bad)
  • Knicks lost to Detroit (bad)

Sixers pick:

The Sixers lost to the Heat, but it didn’t matter. With the Knicks loss to Detroit, the Sixers were locked into the third worst record. They will have 156 lottery balls in May’s lottery, giving them a 15.6% chance at the top pick, a 46.9% chance at a top-3 pick, a 96% at a top-5 pick, and a guarantee of a top-6 pick.

Lakers pick:

The Lakers finished with the 4th worst record. The Sixers will need 2 of the 5-14 in the lottery to jump in the top-3, pushing Los Angeles down to the 6th pick. There is a 17.2% chance of that happening.

If the Sixers do not get the Lakers pick this season, the pick will be top-3 protected in 2016, top-3 protected again in 2017, and fully unprotected in 2018.

Miami pick:

Miami beat the Sixers, but with Brooklyn’s win over Orlando, it didn’t matter. Miami will finish alone with the 10th worst record. In order to get Miami’s draft pick, the Sixers will need a team in 11-14 in the lottery to jump into the top-3. There is a 9.1% chance of that happening.

If the Sixers do not get Miami’s pick this year, the pick will once again be top-10 protected in next year’s 2016 draft. If the pick still isn’t conveyed, the pick will be fully unprotected in 2017.

Oklahoma City pick:

Oklahoma City finished the season out of the playoffs in the Western Conference, putting them at 14th in the lottery. The Sixers will not get Oklahoma City’s pick this year.

The protection on the pick lessens next season. The pick is only top-15 protected in the 2016 draft. It would then be top-15 protected again in 2017. If the pick is still not conveyed, it would turn into a 2nd round pick in 2017 and a 2nd round pick in 2018.


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