Sixers CEO Says Joel Embiid Will Play In Summer League

Updated: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 06:32 AM

Up to this point, the Philadelphia 76ers have been reticent to commit to whether or not Joel Embiid would play in summer league.

Embiid spent the year working his way back from a fracture in the navicular bone in his right foot, which he suffered just days before the 2014 NBA draft.

Less than 2 weeks ago, Sixers head coach Brett Brown addressed the media and said that they were getting closer to making a final statement with regards to Embiid’s status for the summer league, but it carried with it an almost negative connotation, as he was quick to point out that it was easy to get tricked about a player working out in isolation, and when limited to half-court play.

At that time, Embiid had just recently begun to take part in 2-on-2 drills.

It seems as if the team has made a decision.

Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil was on Breakfast on Broad yesterday morning and said, with no qualifications or uncertainty, that Embiid would play in the summer league.

“He will. Yes he will,” O’Neil said when asked whether Embiid would play in summer league.

“Honestly, I’m like a little kid thinking about it,” O’Neil continued.

The interview with Scott O’Neil can be found on CSN Philly’s website. The discussion about whether Embiid would play in the summer league happened 9 minutes, 40 seconds in.

The 76ers are currently scheduled to play in both the Las Vegas Summer League and the Rocky Mountain Revue, which will take place in Utah.

Obviously, a lot could happen between now and July, but encouraging news for a team that has been reluctant to make a firm commitment.


Derek Bodner

Derek Bodner is a credentialed reporter covering the Philadelphia 76ers independently for He is also a college basketball scout for, and an NBA contributor for The Ringer. Contact Information: / @DerekBodnerNBA

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  • Oh man, we all cannot wait for that game!! What I also got from that O’neil interview that made me happy was that the days of signing a Kenny Thomas are over. He said we will either go big or go home as far as signing free agents. It would surprise me if they didn’t offer Max contracts to both Leonard and Butler praying that one of them would sign it. I think the Spurs are far more likely to match the offer to retain the player than the bulls are.

    Derek would you give a max contract to Butler and leonard? And who do you rank higher?

    • Derek Bodner

      Yes, and probably rank Kawhi higher. His defense is *that* good.

  • AaronMcKie4MVP

    interesting take , Greek…
    i agree on go big or go home. i remember others spending a lot of time dissecting Synergy stats for Mark Blount and arguing for making a big offer because he was a nice piece.. give me a break. thank god the celtics got that stiff. i have no interest in that garbage or the current talk about maxxing out Khris Middleton…
    like Ahmnet Ertegun said to ray charles: “you think pennies, you get pennies. you think dollars you get dollars”

    you think 44 wins , you get 44 wins,… anyone not on board with Hinkie deserves mediocrity

    • Derek Bodner

      I doubt anybody was using Synergy to make their argument. The rumored pursuit of Blount came in the summer of ’04, and the ’04-’05 season was Synergy’s first in existence, and at that point wasn’t available to the media.

      Also, “max” is a worthless term, especially with the new national TV deal changing the landscape so dramatically. I have no problem pursuing Middleton.

  • AaronMcKie4MVP

    i don’t necessarily have a problem with it… but with Butler and Leonard as deserving big money guys, i am hard pressed to see why Middelton would not come as a significant haircut to that…. i dont know the ins/outs of the landscape, but whatever it is, there is a limited amount of money to spend, no ?

    • Derek Bodner

      The basic gist is:
      – Leonard and Butler will be matched. It’s almost a guarantee. Sure, go after them first.
      – In 2 years, a $12m contract will be roughly equivalent to an $8m contract. The landscape will change very drastically. What we consider expensive now won’t be when the new national TV deal hits.